We organize product data using lenses, represented by the icons below. These lenses appear as part of each and every product data card you see when searching and filtering results. Lenses give you a general idea about what kinds of environmental performance data a product has available for review.

When you would like to review a full product data sheet, just select the product name or click the product image.

When you select a product name we display a full product data page. The product data displayed will have a source and date stamp visible when you roll your cursor over the data attribute. Note that not all products appear with their product images. SFTool.ecomedes.com pulls our data from certification databases, such as EnergyStar, Watersense and BIFMA Level, but these databases do not always contain product images. Manufacturers and vendors interested in enhancing the user experience can contact us at info@ecomedes.com about providing product images and additional product data.   

Some products have additional data facets available, such as product pages and 3rd Party Certifications. You can access these through the simple hyperlinks on the product card to directly access that information without additional web searches.

Every product found on SFTool.ecomedes.com contains at least one of the environmental performance attributes required by Federal Environmental Programs covered by the GPC. Some product cards list a full array of environmental performance data and others may include only a single attribute or certification. See something missing, contact a representative at info@ecomedes.com to let us know.